May 16, 2015

Brass Mouthpieces

People say that playing wind instruments like the trombone mouthpiece is one of the easier instruments to play. This type of instrument is usually a tube that makes a sound when air is blown through it. Some of these are played by the musician blowing air directly into the tube through the mouthpiece, such as when playing the saxophone, while others only require the musician to blow air over the mouthpiece, such as when playing the flute. Unlike the string instruments, or some percussion instruments, many wind instruments don’t require as much tuning, if even necessary. This particular group of instruments is also seen as instruments that are a little easier to learn and play. While this might be true, they do offer their own challenge. Many of these instruments require good posture and good strong lungs to be able to introduce enough air into the instrument in order to maintain control of the air flow as well as to produce the sound that is required.

May 12, 2015

Ovation Guitars

It’s about a year now since I graduated college and it has been weeks of doing nothing since I took my Board Examination for Nurses here in the Philippines. As I wait for my examination results, I have these empty days that need to be occupied with something I’d love doing. Suddenly, it’s just then when I realize that there’s something which I had always loved to do then but I wasn’t able to fulfill. It’s none other than to learn how to play ovation guitars. I wasn’t really given a chance to learn how to play these instruments and I am so delighted to find out that time isn’t that late for me to take up some guitar lessons.

April 16, 2015

Outdoor Sporting Goods

It is finally getting warm here in the north land. I can already smell the summer season. During summer, some of the things that I would like to do are gardening and fishing. Those are my hobbies since I have moved here to the north country. I have not tried going out camping just yet but it might be a good idea to try it out this coming summer. With that being said, I need to start looking around for camping gear tents. At AvidMax, I found a wide selection of camping gear to choose from. I need to tell my husband about my camping plans so we can buy a tent soon especially now that AvidMax is offering free shipping on orders over $15 on all of their outdoor sporting goods. 

Since my favorite season of the year is summer, there are so much outdoor activities I can do. Not to mention the fishing, camping and gardening, I will also be playing tennis for the very first time this year. As soon as the warm weather trend continues, I will start playing. I have already bought the stuff that I need for playing tennis so I am all set & ready to go. I bought most of it at a nearby store just last week. Too bad I did not know about AvidMax before then. Anyhow, feel free to visit AvidMax online for all of outdoor sporting goods and accessories need.

March 10, 2015

Eminence Speakers

Now that the warm weather has arrived for good here in northern Minnesota, it is nice to sit on our deck with a cup of coffee in the morning and maybe a cocktail in the evening. The only thing missing would be some eminence speakers. I like to play my music when I work in the kitchen but we don’t have any outdoor speakers on the deck. I would really like to look at getting a pair so we can relax and listen to music outside when the weather is nice.

January 19, 2015

Trying to be a Dance Doctor

I am trying to be a dance doctor of myself, especially now that the bikini season is just around the corner even though, in reality, we are only half through the winter season. I try to think that summer will be here soon so I work harder to getting in shape. Right now, I mix zumba and yoga in my exercise routine and so far, I have been doing well. I am still 95 lbs @ 4'11. Usually, at this time of the year, I already put on some weight because of the holiday season that has just passed. Fortunately, I did not and I want to keep that way.

December 8, 2014

Solid Body Electric Guitars

When I was still in the Philippines, I bought a guitar for my father's church. It was a cheapo kind and I don't know if it is still in working order. I am thinking about buying my father a better one soon. I have been browsing through Gibson solid body electric guitars and look forward to be able to buy him a Gibson 2014 Les Paul Traditional Electric Guitar Heritage cherry sunburst the next time I see him. I think his ministry deserves a Gibson guitar :-).

December 5, 2014

Car Oil Changed?

It looks like my hubby will finally get the car oil changed today. It took him almost a month to get this work taken care of. Eventually, changing our car's oil will only take him fifteen minutes but something always comes up every time he has tried to work on it. If it was not his back and leg pain, it would be the oil filter wrench. The last time we went to town, we went to four different stores to get the right oil filter wrench. We already had the right size but my hubby could not find it. Yeah, you know that kind of thing when you need it, you can't find it.

I was in the garage when he started working on it. I want to know how to do it. Changing car oil is easy and simple but putting the car on the ramp is the challenging part. I don't think I could put the car on the ramp by myself.