July 18, 2014

Amplifiers & Effects

At musician’s friend, you can find a wide variety of musical instruments, complete sets, and accessories for your various needs. Items such as the Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal are readily available on site. Buying from this music store is so easy. Simply search for the item that you need, using keywords or you can also enter the item or catalog number if you have it. Sign up for an account, add the item you need to your virtual cart, update your shipping information, pay up, and wait for your purchase to arrive at your doorsteps. The store also offers discounts from time to time, so you’d better watch out for these specials.

June 19, 2014

Promotional Products

Climate change has made a huge impact on our environment. You can support natural products to help save the environment. Jute bags are the new craze these days for stylish bags that are environment-friendly. You can click here jute bags to get to the latest designs available. What’s so exciting about these beautiful new bags is that they often come at prices that are so low that you might want to buy at least one or two extra bags more! There are many different designs to choose from, with options for drawstring backpacks or shoulder bags with thick rope handles. Perfect as promotional materials, these cheap yet beautiful items can be printed with anything you want, including company logos and promos.

May 6, 2014

Accounting in Charlotte

The biggest problems that my hubby had when his contract engineering business was still booming were taxes and accounting. He was never the best at paper work but he was really good at actual engineering. He could have hired a CPA to do all that stuff for him but he opted to try to do it all himself. He had a little run in with the IRS towards the end because he was late on his taxes. He had paid everything ahead of time and there was a very minor error. We thought they wouldn’t give us a big hassle but they did. It took us more than a dozen exchanges of communications to get the problem straightened out. If you have a small business and need help with your accounting, be sure to check out the linked website for accounting in charlotte area. They can make life a lot easier for you when trying to run a small business.

May 3, 2014

Close Call

My hubby and I were putting away the boat in the garage. We were thinking about leaving it hooked up to the truck outside because we are planning to go fishing again soon. When we realized that the weather forecast was for a strong thunderstorm this evening, we decided to put the boat in the garage. After helping my hubby guide the boat into the garage, I went to the garden to bury the fish remains we caught yesterday. He was pushing the boat back when the third wheel on the trailer collapsed. It was a fold up third wheel to support the front of the boat when the trailer hitch was not hooked up on the truck. He failed to properly latched the third wheel when he folded it down and the trailer hitch almost hit his foot when the third wheel collapsed. I did not know what happened, I just heard a big bang. When I found out what happened, I cringed at the thought of what might have been. It was a really close call. It could have crushed his foot.

April 24, 2014

Product Fulfilllment

If you have the need for a fulfillment service company, consider checking out AMS Fulfillment. They help clients succeed in business by monitoring operating costs and staying within budget. They are the only warehousing and fulfillment services company that offers InSync Operations Analysis to ensure efficient and effective fulfillment services. AMS Fulfillment has the right tools that allow businesses to manage product fulfillment operations from their desktops while achieving outstanding results.

AMS offers solutions for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients, including pick and pack, product fulfillment and distribution, pack-out / assembly, order fulfillment, inventory management, logistics and returns processing services. To learn more about AMS Fulfillment services, click or call AMS at 661-775-0611.

February 25, 2014

Missing Them So Much

Good morning everyone. I just woke up and hopefully today will be a blessed day for me both on my blogging and to my family back home. I miss them so much but I need to endure because I am now married and in the process of building a family of my own. Anyway from time to time, my family and I have a decent communication to each other yet there's still a big difference if you can talk to them personally where you are free to touch and giggle without worrying the monster phone bills coming.

February 10, 2014

Trail Cameras

I would like to get a Scouting Camera for the summer fun in the woods. That would be a handy tool to bring along when camping out or when going to the blueberry patch. I want to take pictures of the strange creatures eating my blueberries. I have yet to tell my husband about the plan though because he recently bought me a nice DSLR camera. The thought of getting one of these trail cameras came after I saw a wide variety of them at