Five Reasons That Will Cause Players to Leave a Bingo Site

The reasons people pick a certain online bingo site are obvious and well-known in the industry, and it has nothing to do with their online bingo horoscope. Most important to potential players is the size of the deposit bonus offered by the bingo site. Other factors that can influence player choices are advertising, word of mouth referrals and friendly players. Online bingo operators have spent a great deal of money to provide players with the best bonuses possible and an enjoyable online experience. Bingo operators know what attracts players but how many know the reasons players leave bingo sites. Disgruntled players can cause a lot of trouble for online bingo operators. Bad reviews and negative blog and forum posts can hurt a site’s reputation and cost bingo operators big bucks. According to most industry surveys there are five main reasons players leave one bingo site for another.

The top reason that will cause a player to leave a bingo site is restrictive wagering requirements. Most wagering requirements are closely associated with bonus offers. For example a bingo site may require a player to wager ten times the amount of their first deposit and bonus before any winnings can be withdrawn. At some bingo sites the requirements can be so onerous that the initial deposit bonus is essentially worthless. While players tend to seek out the best bonus offers they often fail to read the terms and conditions and wagering requirements associated with bonus offers. This often leads to unpleasant misunderstanding between operators and players.

Withdrawal difficulties were cited by players as another factor that would influence them to leave a site. Unfortunately some online bingo sites have a reputation for slow and difficult withdrawals. Some have set a maximum amount that players may withdraw at one time. Players should always check the reputation of a site and read the withdrawal policies carefully to avoid misunderstandings. Industry competition is fierce and online bingo operators are bending over backwards to give players the best service possible and the days of slow withdrawals seem to be over at most of the major online bingo sites.

Unfriendly and unwelcoming players can ruin the online bingo experience for just about any player. Games with an unpleasant atmosphere are likely to make a player look elsewhere for bingo games.

Some players surveyed said that crowded bingo rooms are a big turn off. Large games offer diminished odds of winning and can make the chat room difficult to use.

Unresponsive and unfriendly chat hosts were also cited by players as a factor that would make them leave a site. Fortunately most online bingo operators screen their chat host thoroughly and realize just how important a good chat host can be for player retention.

Guest post written by Anthony Wayne