Lighting Fixtures

Recently we have been thinking more and more that we want to buy or build a new house in the Philippines. Living here in the north country is really great in the summer time but those long cold winters are getting harder and harder to take. We are thinking it would be great to be here for six months of the year and then fly to a nice warm and sunny place like the Philippines to spend the winters. They even have a special name for people here in the north country that do that. They are called "snow birds".

We have been looking at a lot of different places in my native country in the area where my family and friends reside. We haven't found exactly what we are looking for yet and we may just decide to buy a piece of land and have our house built to our own requirements. My hubby is an engineer and I am sure he could come up with a really nice design for exactly the kind of place we would be looking for.

Buying furniture and decorating the place would be my job. I think it would really be a lot of fun to be able to build and decorate a house just the way I like it. I really like contemporary style decorations and modern lighting. I would love to have contemporary chandeliers in both the dining area and the entry foyer of the house. That kind of decoration can make a really positive impression when you first enter the home.