My Stress Reliever

My niece in Germany is my new stress reliever. Before it was food and television. Almost everyday I am able to chat with her. She is just two years old but she knows how to make me laugh. Her dancing and singing are really cute. She speaks three different languages. Yes, she is multilingual. She speaks Deutsch, English and Bisaya. If she doesn't know the word in Deutsch, she uses the English word. She is a smart girl. She can count numbers 1-10 already in two different languages, Deutsch and English. She can also read a few words and alphabetic letters.

I have two nieces but I seldom get a chance to talk to my niece in Colorado because we seldom see each other online. My sister doesn't get online until later in the afternoon which is my time to start working. My niece in Germany and I usually talk in the morning when I am still trying to wake myself up. Morning here in the US is afternoon there in Germany.