Sonic Games

I like playing computer and online games and I really like getting freebies. I recently found a couple of websites that have the best of both. If you are a Sonic the Hedgehog fan you really need to get yourself acquainted with They have a wide selection of Sonic the Hedgehog games in three different categories. They have actions/arcade games, puzzles/creative games and RPG/movies games. They have way more games than the average person could ever possibly want to play. To make it easier to figure out which ones you want to try, they even have a list of the top fifteen most popular games. The Ultimate Flash Sonic is the one that tops the list with almost a quarter of a million plays so far. You can browse through by subject and content and pick out your own favorite if you want. All this gaming is available for you free on the internet anytime you want. How can you beat that kind of deal?

If Sonic the Hedgehog isn't your thing and you want to look at a broader list of Sega games, you should check the preceding link. There you can find a selection of games for all sorts of platforms including Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo and many more. They even have games for your iPhones, iPods and iPads to boot. So all you gamers out there, whether you are into the freebie stuff or really want the cool advanced big time games that Sega has been producing for years, go for it. Their programmers are the best in the business and they have been around for years. They make it really easy for you to get your favorites for practically every kind of platform that is out there. So what are you waiting for? Go to the links above and check them out.