Play Poker Online

I have never played poker before but my hubby says that it is a lot of fun. He used to get together with some of his friends and play when he was younger but they usually only played for small amounts of money. He is really good at math and probabilities so he usually won.

He hasn't played in a long time now because he doesn't have any friends that play poker but has thought about checking out some poker in internet sites. Since he is an engineer and has a really good feel for statistics and probabilities, I think he would have a good chance of winning some money doing it.

I have heard that in some places, gambling is illegal but I was not sure about the details until I read an article about the laws in the US on a website called VegasClick. It said there are no Federal laws specifically against online gambling but some of the states do have laws that prohibit it. It seems that most of the laws against gambling have to do with sports betting and that poker is relatively unregulated. If you are thinking about doing any online gambling though, I would recommend that you check out the laws in your own particular area.