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Before I married him, my hubby had a dog named Max. The dog had a wonderful and funny personality. He liked to play basketball. He was a Labrador/shepherd mix and my hubby got him when he was a puppy. During the harsh and frigidly cold season here up north, my hubby let him sleep inside the house. One Saturday morning, my hubby let him out and never saw him again. My hubby doesn't know what happened to him and the chances of reuniting with his dog are slim to none because the dog didn't have any identification on him.

Since then, we have not had any real pets. We had stray cats that hung around because we fed them but we haven't seen any of them lately. My hubby would like to have another pet but he has become allergic to cat fur and since we are planning to spend more and more time in the Philippines, it would be difficult and expensive to get somebody to take care of the dog while we are gone.

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