Cutlery & Knife Stores

When outfitting your kitchen you want to have the right tools for the tasks at hand and cutlery is a key component of a well-equipped kitchen. In the past, you would head over to the knife or hardware store, meet with a trained sales associate and settle on the right cutlery for your needs. These days most hardware stores do not offer kitchen cutlery and stores dedicated solely to cutlery are few and far between. More often than not you are left with the option of a big box store or a pricey gourmet cooking store. The big box store will probably offer great prices but no expertise while in the gourmet store you may even over-pay for the privilege of speaking with someone who may or may not know what they are talking about.
A better option is to do your research online and learn what you can about the different cutlery brands and why they differ from one another. Typically design, materials and craftsmanship are the key elements to consider when shopping for any cutlery; you must also consider how you will use each knife and finally how it feels in your hand. People are all different sizes and so are knife handles – a comfortable grip is important, especially when you perform a repetitive task such as slicing, dicing or mincing.

It’s also important to acquire the right tools for the job – you really don’t want to try to slice bread with a butcher’s knife nor do you want to try cooking on gas or charcoal grills using a short handled plastic knife or spatula. Selecting and using the correct tool for a task is safer and easier to work with.