Close Call

My hubby and I were putting away the boat in the garage. We were thinking about leaving it hooked up to the truck outside because we are planning to go fishing again soon. When we realized that the weather forecast was for a strong thunderstorm this evening, we decided to put the boat in the garage. After helping my hubby guide the boat into the garage, I went to the garden to bury the fish remains we caught yesterday. He was pushing the boat back when the third wheel on the trailer collapsed. It was a fold up third wheel to support the front of the boat when the trailer hitch was not hooked up on the truck. He failed to properly latched the third wheel when he folded it down and the trailer hitch almost hit his foot when the third wheel collapsed. I did not know what happened, I just heard a big bang. When I found out what happened, I cringed at the thought of what might have been. It was a really close call. It could have crushed his foot.